About the Friends of the Ponsharden Cemeteries

The Friends of the Ponsharden Cemeteries is a charitable organisation formed in 2013 to protect and interpret two important historic burial sites in Falmouth. In 2002 the Falmouth Jewish Cemetery and the Dissenters’ Burying Ground were jointly designated as a Scheduled Monument. In 2007, having suffered for generations from neglect and wanton vandalism, they were placed on the Historic England Heritage at Risk register. The cemeteries are now the focus of a major conservation project.

By joining the Friends of the Ponsharden Cemeteries you can help to protect and preserve these significant historic monuments for future generations to learn about, appreciate and visit in safety.

Membership costs are £10 for individuals or £15 for families living at the same address, payable annually on 6 April. To join please complete the attached form.

We are always on the look-out for enthusiastic volunteers who could help us with our restoration project. If you are interested please contact volunteer@falmouthartgallery.com.